BM 400 – 8000 Bricks Per Hour

BM400 is an automatic brick machine designed with the aim of producing the highest quality bricks while using minimum labor. Manufactured with superior raw materials, this machine offers long working life and high value for money.

  • De-airing Extruder
  • Wear resistant High-Chrome Extruder auger (Screw)
  • Best quality bricks

As with all our machines, VEGO personnel will take care of the machine installation so our customers can start producing bricks quickly and efficiently.

The following machines are included in BM400:

Sl No. Item Details
1 BF50 Box Feeder Power: 1.5kW + 2.2kW
2 GM600 Roller Crusher Power: 2 x 11kW
3 MM300 Mixing Mill Power: 30kW
4 BM400 Extruder Power: 90kW
5 BC24 Bar + Brick cutter Power: 1.1kW + 2.2kW
6 3nos. Clay conveyor Power: 3 x 2.2kW
7 Air compressor Power: 3.7kW
8 Vacuum Pump Power: 11kW
9 Control Panel

Total installed motor power: 170kW (228hp)