Box Feeder

VEGO Box Feeders are specially designed for high storage and constant feeding of clay.

Defining Characteristics:

  • Two shafts directly driven by electric motors through gearboxes. Since no pulleys or chain sprockets are used in power transmission, maintenance requirements are low.
  • Controllable uniform speed of clay supply due to infinitely controllable VFD driven motors.
  • Heavy duty Steel slats with links and bolts also made with steel ensure large carrying capacity and extended working life.
  • Rigid construction.
  • Machine supplied with motors and VFD for slat drive.
Model BF30 BF40 BF50
Weight(Kg) 2180 3030 4635
Over All Dimension (LxWxH) mm 5030 X 2130 X 1850 5200 X 2380 X 2200 6330 X 2630 X 1810
Working Dimension (LxWxH) mm 4500 X 780 X 700 4500 X 750 X 1220 5820 X 1010 X 800
Clay Chipper Power 2.2kW 2.2kW 2.2kW
Slat Drive Power 1.1kW 1.5kW 1.5 kW